Caramel Crisp Corner in downtown Oshkosh

If you’re looking for a place to order coffee, cookies, and other sweet treats, you need to visit Caramel Crisp Corner in downtown Oshkosh. I ordered from them during Downtown Oshkosh’s Lunch Bucks event March 29th-April 2nd. 

About Caramel Crisp

It’s hard to picture Oshkosh without Caramel Crisp. Caramel Crisp has been around since 1933. They started off as a tiny popcorn shop and have expanded to offer so much more: coffee, breakfast food, deli-style sandwiches, salads and soup, and plenty of treats to satisfy your sweet tooth. You can find non-food items there like toys, books, and other gifts. 


The phrase “a kid in a candy store” is synonymous with Caramel Crisp. When you walk inside Caramel Crisp, you’re immediately greeted by sweet smells. I felt so cozy when I was inside. For how much they offer in their store, they did a good job with the layout inside. There’s even a section inside for indoor dining or if you want to work remotely. As it gets warmer, they’ll start opening their patio section for outdoor dining. Since I work remote for my 9-5 job, I will make sure to work remotely from Caramel Crisp once it’s safer to eat inside. 

Inside Caramel Crisp Corner in downtown Oshkosh
Pulled Pork Sandwich from Caramel Crisp Corner in downtown Oshkosh
Caprese Grilled Cheese with Beer Cheese Soup from Caramel Crisp Corner in downtown Oshkosh

Lunch Offerings

Make sure you have napkins whenever you order lunch items from Caramel Crisp, because they are generous with filling their sandwiches. Some of my favorites include: BBQ Pulled Pork, Sloppy Joes, and the Caprese Grilled Cheese. When I ordered recently, I paired my grilled cheese with beer cheese soup and a hot chocolate, which was perfect for a cold day. Caramel Crisp does offer gluten-free bread for an extra price, just remember that food is being prepared in a gluten environment. 

Best Cookies Ever

Caramel Crisp makes it hard to visit and NOT purchase one of their famous cookies. I ordered the following cookies: chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, cake batter, Oreo cheesecake, chocolate pretzel peanut butter, and animal cracker. My fiancé loves the snickerdoodle cookie, while I’m a big fan of the cake batter cookie.


How to Order

In addition to visiting Caramel Crisp Corner, they offer online ordering for pickup or curbside for their food/drink items. If you’re located in the Oshkosh area (54901, 54902, 54904), you can have Caramel Crisp delivered to you! However, if your zip code is 54904, they do offer a disclaimer that food might take longer to be delivered. 

A variety of cookies from Caramel Crisp Corner in downtown Oshkosh

Contact Caramel Crisp Corner



200 City Center D

Oshkosh, WI 54901


(920) 231-4540