Zaronis at Amcor Parking handing out lasagna dinners

Zaronis is a pizza and macaroni and cheese pub located in Oshkosh. If you find yourself in Oshkosh, this is the place to eat! Jenn, one of our bloggers, got to talk with owner Jon Doemel (aka Captain Zaroni) to discuss his superhero-themed restaurant and how they save the citizens of Oshkosh with more than just good.

What are some of your must-try items at Zaronis?

For sidekicks, I’d recommend our nuggets, which are deep fried popcorn breadsticks. My favorite speciality pizza is the Captain ZaRoni pizza, which includes marinara, green peppers, red peppers onions roasted in olive oil and spices, and topped with double sausage and extra mozzarella cheese. I’m also a fan of our Memphis Roni, which has our signature mac sauce, BBQ, ranch, mushrooms, onions, brisket and pepper jack cheese with a side of coleslaw. 

What are you most proud of when it comes to your community involvement? Is there anything you focus on when trying to help out the community?

We focus on heroes of movement. I’m one of the admins for the Facebook group “Heroes of Oshkosh,” where neighbors can help other neighbors; the idea has spread to other cities. It also provides a platform for people to give.

Zaronis blood drove
Toilet Paper offered at Zaronis

I saw back in March you offered to give toilet paper with any order. How did you get the idea?

When the pandemic hit, we looked at the market and saw people hoarding toilet paper. We questioned why stores weren’t setting limits right away for how much toilet paper a person could buy, leaving others without toilet paper. We ordered as much as we could through our distributor and sell them at our cost, but limit purchases to 4 rolls; no other purchase necessary. People who had no option of buying toilet paper finally had a place to get some. Many customers came for just the toilet paper! Our very first customer asked to buy a case, but we declined saying, “people like you are why we have to sell toilet paper.”

What does the future hold for Zaronis? Do you have any plans for expanding?

We hope to open other locations. The trick will be finding a member of a target community that is involved and wants to give back. You can’t be a superhero themed restaurant if you don’t try to save the city. Our target areas will not be based off of where we can drive the most sales, but where we can make the biggest impact.

Are there any upcoming events at Zaroni’s you’d like to promote?

During Valentine’s Day, we focus on those that are alone. Every year we offer a $5 10″ 1 topping pizza on this day. We will gladly be the valentine for anyone without one. We want them to know that we care, and they are never truly alone.

Valentine's Day special at Zaronis

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