The weather this past week has been sweltering. Our staff hasn’t been immune, so we decided to share with you one of our favorite ways to cool off, of course ice cream! Whether it be your favorite Mexican sundae, adding a few of your favorite toppings to tried and true chocolate and vanilla, or letting the establishment decide for you with their flavor of the day. We have you covered.

In this blog post our blogger Jenn, Alison and myself share a few of our favorite choices. Let us know your favorites in the comments so we can feature them in an upcoming post. Because reality is, can you ever go wrong with ice cream? Enjoy!

Jenn’s Pick – Rhaposides Custard

Rhaposides Custard

Rhapsodies is the place to go for custard and if you’re a fan of music. The walls are adorned with instruments and lyrics from different musicians like Pink Floyd and Bob Dylan. They serve vanilla and chocolate custard every day, and each day they offer a “Flavor of the Day” like Cherry Crunch or Jimi Hendtwix. They update their website each month to list the flavors of the day for the whole month. Their custard is used to make other sweet treats like sundaes, malts, and floats. Oh, and you can even purchase select pints to take home and indulge on your own time!


Alison’s Pick – Leon’s Frozen Custard

Leon’s Frozen Custard was established in 1947 and maintains that vintage feel still today. You can see it’s neon light sign and bright teal and pink exterior as you drive up Murdock Avenue in Oshkosh. This drive-in serves up a unique flavor of the day everyday while still offering classic chocolate and vanilla for the purists. You can enjoy the custard in one of their specialty sundaes or choose from their many toppings to make your own. Whether you choose a sundae, malt, shake, cup, or cone Leon’s custard will not disappoint!

Website | Facebook

Phone: (920) 231-7755 

121 West Murdock Avenue

Oshkosh, WI 54901



Mon-Sun 11:00 AM-9:00 PM


Alicia’s Pick – Frio Mexican Treats

We talked about my pick Frio in a blog post almost a year ago, featuring their delicious elote. You can read that blog entry here. But the consistent overwhelming favorite for myself and many of our readers are Frio’s Churro Bar. 

Frio gives you a menu of many different options with different toppings for each different sundae in the churro bar. My favorite, the Smores. If you are feeling more adventurous why not try another of my favorites, the S.O.B. South of the border with potato chips. Other flavors include the Shiocton Blast, Captain Crunch and new fun addition Cheat Day. Which I can assure that Frio is always a part of my cheat days.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

131 W WIsconsin Ave


WI 54911


Wednesday – Thursday -Friday

 3pm to 9pm

Saturday & Sunday

12 pm to 9 pm

Knotted Cone Gelato.

Don’t Forget this Staff Favorite!

We can’t forget a favorite that we consistantly come back to. Last year our blogger Alex covered The Knotted Cone Gelato Co. You can check out his post here. If you get a chance, make sure you visit on Sunday’s at the Northsider Gas Station in Appleton!