Faris Popcorn in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin

When I previously lived in Illinois, I became familiar with the popcorn chain “Garrett Popcorn.” One of my favorites mixes was their Garrett Mix, their world famous cheddar and caramel corn mix. When I moved to Wisconsin, I wasn’t sure if I would find a popcorn company that made quality popcorn, however, Faris Popcorn delivered. If you’re looking for quality, homemade popcorn that also supports the local community, keep reading to learn about my experience with Faris Popcorn.

About Faris Popcorn

Jeff Faris loved making homemade popcorn nightly after a long day of work. The business side of it came into fruition in 2009 when Jeff’s daughter, Jennifer, had a high school assignment to create a mock business plan. With the help of her parents, Jennifer was trying to think of a mock business to use for the project, and then Jennifer and Jeff looked at the popcorn bowl and had their inspiration. After their first order, Faris Gourmet Popcorn & Treats popped up as a booming local business. 

Today, Jeff runs the business with his wife, Anne, and two of their three daughters: Jennifer and Allison. Since Faris Popcorn was first created in 2010, they now produce 150+ varieties of gourmet popcorn flavors and mixes. Their goal remains the same: introduce the Southeastern Wisconsin area to new, unique, and delicious flavors available at an affordable price so everyone has the opportunity to enjoy it! You can buy their popcorn at their brick and mortar location in Fond Du Lac, online, or at nearly 3,000 box stores nationwide.

Where to Find Faris Popcorn

 I opted to visit their warehouse location in Fond Du Lac for this blog post. When you walk in, you’ll see a display section on your left of all the different varieties they offer. For shopping, you want to go to the right. They offer plenty of varieties and plenty of sizes to choose from. If you can’t travel to their warehouse in Fond Du Lac, they offer online shopping and also sell in a variety of brick and mortar locations across Wisconsin.  

Variety of Popcorn Available at Faris Popcorn in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin
Birthday Bash Popcorn Mix at Faris Popcorn in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin

Specialty Corns and Mixes 

It was hard to select a mix to review. I was overwhelmed, in a good way, of all the different varieties they offer. Luckily, they came in 1 oz. bags so it was easier to sample. I opted to try the Birthday Bash mix, the Windy City mix, and the Packers Crunch mix. I also got a small bag of traditional Kettle Corn for my fiancé. The Windy City mix is their version of the Garrett Mix of cheddar and caramel corn. In addition, the Packers Crunch mix also features this combination, as well as green glazed corn. I’m not a Packers fan by any means, but it was a tasty mix that I would gladly order again. 

The popcorn tasted excellent; perfectly crunchy and not overpowering when it came to flavor. If you want to make your own popcorn, they provide the supplies you need. For anyone that needs to watch what they eat, their popcorn includes nutritional information and any potential cross-contamination in regards to food allergies. Oh, and they’re gluten-free!

The Gift of Giving

Faris Popcorn is committed to giving back to the community. Since 2010, they have worked with hundreds of organizations to raise thousands of dollars. Organizations that fundraise with Faris can earn 50% of every sale. They offer three fundraising programs, either pre-order, in-person, or virtual fundraising. Faris Popcorn also provides a list of organizations they actively support, such as Boys and Girls Club of Oshkosh and Fondy Food Pantry, through their Project Popcorn™ initiative. 

Final Thoughts

I’m glad that Faris offers multiple options to shop their popcorn. No matter your popcorn palette, you’re sure to find a mix from Faris Popcorn you’ll enjoy. I know this blog is for food based in the Fox Valley area, but if you’re ever in Fond Du Lac, I highly recommend shopping at their warehouse to enjoy their popcorn fresh.If any businesses in the Fox Valley area are interested in selling Faris Popcorn, you can fill out this form.



Monday-Friday: 8am-5pm

Saturday: 9am-1pm

Sunday: CLOSED


Phone Number: 920-921-1347



770 W Scott St

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