As I’m getting used to living in Wisconsin, I’m discovering some of the Wisconsin staples when it comes to food and spirits. I knew about Spotted Cow and cheese curds before I moved to Wisconsin, but that was about it. Fortunately, Gabe’s Wisconsin Kitchen and Tavern sounded like the perfect place to get a rundown on Wisconsin staples. Spencer, our cocktail expert, and I tag teamed to review some of the offerings at Gabe’s Tavern: Spencer reviewed their cocktails, while Jenn reviewed their mimosas and food. 

 About Gabe’s Tavern

Gabe’s opened in Oshkosh in September 2019. The owner, Steven Gabelbauer, has been working in the bar and restaurant industry in Oshkosh for the past 20 years. His goal was to create a neighborhood bar and grill that features classic Wisconsin staples. You’ll expect to find homestyle meals that will bring people together to enjoy.

Classy Cocktails

Seating myself [Spencer] at the bar, I look over the cocktail menu to see what really sticks out. The cocktail menu is split into three sections: Signature Cocktails, Seasonal Sippers, and Sparkling Cocktails.  The bartender highly recommended their various Margarita drinks…and the Patio Pounder. 

Patio Pouncer

The Patio Pounder was a cocktail that caught my eye immediately with the Mango Habanero Whiskey. It was a refreshing drink that mixed Prickly Pear and lemonade to effortlessly combat the heat from the habanero so it doesn’t overwhelm your tastebuds. To me it was a combo that I would never have thought of, but wow did they deliver! The sweetness hits you first followed by a slight tingling of the smokiness from the habanero as you sip it. 

Hazy Sunset 

For my second cocktail, I ordered the Hazy Sunset. I was intrigued by the combination of Mezcal and Hibiscus, and was not disappointed. This drink definitely lives up to its name, a delicious cocktail to sip as you watch the sunset on the horizon. The Mezcal didn’t overpower the drink at all, which in addition the hibiscus, blood orange, and muddled blackberry, balanced the smokiness of the Mezcal while giving one a sense of peace. Gabe’s has a wide variety of cocktails that they can make, whether in the restaurant or to-go. They offer the following options for to-go cocktails: margaritas, old fashioneds, bloody marys, or anything with Titos, Kessler or Korbel.

Patio Pounder Cocktail at Gabe's Wisconsin Kitchen and Tavern in Oshkosh
Hazy Sunset Cocktail at Gabe's Wisconsin Kitchen and Tavern in Oshkosh
 Hibiscus Bellini Mimosa and Cheese Curds from Gabe's Wisconsin Kitchen and Tavern in Oshkosh
Late for Brunch Lemosa Mimosa from Gabe's Wisconsin Kitchen and Tavern in Oshkosh

Marvelous Mimosas

If you’re in the mood for an anything-but-ordinary mimosa, you need to visit Gabe’s. They often experiment with different varieties of mimosas. I [Jenn] got to try the Hibiscus Bellini Mimosa, which was made from hibiscus, prosecco and pomegranate. It was quite tasty, but also felt light while drinking. I also tried their late-for-brunch lemosa, which was made from strawberries, Rosa Regale, and lemons. I think the late-for-brunch lemosa was my favorite, but I’m excited to taste their other mimosas in the future. While enjoying their mimosas, I ordered a side of cheese curds (side note, Gabe’s makes a solid cheese curd). 

Gabe’s Box of Awesomeness

My fiancé and I decided to purchase Gabe’s Box of Awesomeness for Cinco de Mayo. Their Box of Awesomeness is available every Wednesday, and includes a main dish, sides, and cocktails for two people. For our box, it included 8 tacos (4 chicken, 4 beef), nachos with lots of toppings, and two strawberry margaritas. Some of the items like the nachos and margaritas I had to assemble myself when I got home, which I had no problem with. 

Because of my longer car ride, the tacos didn’t retain the heat very well, but a quick session in the microwave reheated them without an issue. I preferred the beef tacos over the chicken tacos, but the chicken tacos had a nice kick of spice if that’s what you’re looking for. The margaritas they gave us tasted like they would make them right at the bar. Their Box of Awesomeness is a great option to plan dinner for two on a weeknight. If you want a Box of Awesomeness, you need to order in advance. You can order by messaging their Facebook page, email ( or calling 920-230-2818. They usually update their schedule at the beginning of each month.

To-Go Margaritas from Gabe's Wisconsin Kitchen and Tavern in Oshkosh
Beef and Chicken Tacos from Gabe's Wisconsin Kitchen and Tavern in Oshkosh
Sample Menu of Gabe's Box of Awesomeness from Gabe's Wisconsin Kitchen and Tavern in Oshkosh

Final Thoughts

Gabe’s has something for everyone. Their menu is user-friendly and offers several different options no matter what your diet is. They even have gluten-free options [which are clearly marked on their menu], just remember that their items are made in a gluten environment. I’m excited to learn more about Wisconsin classics at Gabe’s Tavern in the future. 


1160 N Westhaven Dr

Oshkosh, WI 54904


Mondays: CLOSED

Tuesdays-Thursdays: 11am-9pm

Fridays-Saturdays: 11am-10pm

Sundays: 9am-9pm