A Hidden Gem on Meade Street

Meade St Bistro is a newer restaurant to the Fox Valley. You’ll find them on the corner of Northland Ave and Meade St in Appleton. They have a wide array of food, to satisfy any craving. Steak, seafood, salads, burgers you name it!

Meade Street Bistro’s Offerings

The menu is divided up by ‘biggies’, ‘smalls’, ‘greens’, ‘between bread’, and ‘it’s a pizza’. On Fridays they also have fish fry specials. (This is Wisconsin after all!) I ordered from the ‘biggies’, a plate of pan seared scallops. It also came with a side of corn risotto cake, and some steamed veggies.
Everything was cooked in a herb garlic butter, and white wine sauce. The scallops were cooked to perfection, and the risotto was AMAZING. I am not always a huge fan of seafood, but some reason I had a craving for scallops. I can’t think of many places that make risotto in our area, but Meade St Bistro did a fabulous job. The steamed carrots, and broccoli I got with my dish were also perfect. Thinking about my food as I write this is making my mouth water. I can’t wait to order from here again!
Price wise it was a bit on the higher side, but with the quality of food you are getting it is DEFINITELY worth it. It is a bistro after all. Of course the entree I went ahead and ordered was more expensive, but they do have other options that are more friendly to your wallet.
Next time I want to try their pulled pork sandwich. I am looking forward to going back there post-Covid, and dine in to try one of their many cocktails. They are delivering right now through EatStreet, and DoorDash. I was bummed I missed out on preordering a hot chocolate bomb! I’ll have to be faster next time.
Meade Street Bistro Hours
Monday Closed
Tuesday – Friday 11am-9pm
Saturday 4pm-9pm
Sunday Closed