inside Seth's Coffee in Little Chute, Wisconsin

To say I love coffee would be an understatement. Since the first time I tasted my first mocha, the combination of espresso and chocolate stole my heart. The sweetness of the chocolate along with the bitterness of the espresso captivated my taste buds in a way it never had before. Now that I am an adult my palate has changed and I prefer the notes of carefully roasted beans, especially those with hints of floral notes. As a foodie it’s interesting how your taste buds develop and change over the years. Or maybe I am just finally tasting the depth of flavors fully?

Our blog has been fueled over the past year on copious amounts of the seasonal favorites at Lawlss Coffee, as well as places like Seth’s that allow freelance and remote workers to use their establishments for their offices. I enjoy leaving with the smell of freshly roasted coffee in my hair because that smell will always take me back, no matter where I am in life, that first sip of mocha.

Our blog has covered several of our favorites in the area. In this post we will share with you some highlights from the past year. We look forward to delighting you with even more coverage of our favorite spots soon.

Seth’s Coffee

Located in Kimberly, and also as a drive thru in Appleton. Seth’s offers high quality beans and delightful seasonsal drinks. If you have never visited you should also try their baked goods. Their scones are a favorite and their flavors are ever changing.

If you haven’t yet check out the blog post about what Seth’s has to offer, here.

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food and drinks at Seth's Coffee in Little Chute, Wisconsin
coffee cup in Lawlss Coffee

Lawlss Coffee

Lawlss Coffee currently has three locations. One is in Neenah, one in Sturgeon Bay and you can also find Lawlss at another favorite of our staff, Fika Tea Bar, location in Appleton. Their staff is exceptionally talented, and not only will be served a delicous drink, their presenation is always thoughful, and representative of the quality that Lawlss has become known for.

My currently favorite is the “Not PSL” which is a seasonal drink that will give you all the fall vibes of fall without turning you into the most basic of white girls.

If you haven’t yet make sure to read about Lawlss here.

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Tempest Coffee Collective

Walking on River Heath would never be complete without a visit to Tempest. They were closed for what felt like eternity during COVID. Tempest was my remote office for years and losing it was hard, as I am sure it was for so many others.

The view at Tempest is really what makes this destination. As a creative mind the large windows looking out over the Fox River allows this writer the inspiration she needs while sipping her much needed coffee fix. The local artist’s work on the walls also allows your mind to wander to fanical places.

We posted a review here, that you should check out.

We know there are more places to visit and would love it if you would let us know in the comments your favorite destinations. Happy National Coffee Day!

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food spread in Tempest Coffee Collective