My identity the last year has been that of a restaurant review blogger, however those close to me know my real dream profession, rockstar. In fact I went to college many years ago to be a music major at UW Oshkosh. Although my life has definitely taken a very different path, the little girl that was musically trained since kindergarten will forever love music, and music festivals like Mile of Music are the one time I feel like the long forgotten part of me is brought back to life.

Not only will you see amazing music at this Festival but as many know the food from the local restaurants and food trucks is special and today I am going to share with you some of the highlights of this year’s offerings.

Caribbean Taste, Food Truck, McFleshman's Brewing Co, Caribbean Food

Our Favorite Food Trucks Pair Well with Beer

If you haven’t, make sure to check out our good friends Caribbean Taste. If you haven’t you can check out our reviews, here and here. I will say that many a Mile of Music I have indulged in a few beers at McFleshman’s and indulge in just as many of Carribean Tastes plantains, a favorite of mine. Nothing goes better than beer and plantains in my mind when rocking out at Mile of Music.

While you are at McFleshman’s make sure you also visit another good friend on our blog, Osorio’s Latin Fusion. If you are one of those unlucky people that share a gluten intolerance, make sure you talk to the amazing staff on the truck and ask them for what items they or can modify for you. Nachos are one of those festival foods that are a must, but don’t leave without grabbing some of their fried avocados. You also can catch Osorio’s at the Core Stage hosted by Spats Restaurant.

Ambassador, Appleton Wi, Downtown Appleton, Cocktails, Bars Downtown Appleton


If you don’t know me personally, I am about to share with you my favorite restaurant in the Fox Valley, Fress. They have a walking menu available for Mile of Music including two of my all time favorite menu items, their Kimchi and Braised Pork Cheese Fries. And those heavenly delights, Beignets with Pastry Cream, Caramel, and Apple Butter Ice Cream.

I can assure you that on this evening this food blogger will indulging in both. If you have time make sure you stick around for a cocktail or two. You won’t be sorry!

Cocktails are Kind of Our Thing

In terms of cocktails one can never go wrong with the Ambassador. I will fully admit that I do not know what their mystery offerings entail, but a stop at this bar is a must for any music loving patron as it has a very strong big city rock and roll vibe. If you want to check it out, our blogger Spencer wrote a review on the Ambassador, here. In it you will find their previous menu, but I can assure you that their offerings are always something to look forward to.

If you are looking for cocktails you also might want to check out Calavera’s Fine Fusions, a new tapas and cocktail bar that opened two weeks ago. For Mile of Music they have an event menu which includes highlights like the Mezcal Old Fashioned, and the Calaveras Fusions which is something I personally definitely want to try. The flavors of Pineapple Guava and Mango Jalapeno are calling to me. 


Hair of the Dog, A Tale of Bloody Mornings

If Saturday morning is looking a little rough for you, make sure to head down to Author’s Kitchen & Bar for brunch. They will be serving a special menu with appetizers, sandwiches and brunch specials. Make sure to grab one of their bloodies featuring their famous empanadas.

If you are in need of coffee, and just as delicious eats make sure you also visit Acoca. I recently visited and can say truthfully that it was hands down one of the best things I have eaten lately, and we all know as a food blogger, I eat a lot of places.

If you are out enjoying the Festival make sure to share your eats with us with #noshfoxvalley or add them to our Facebook Group, here

Enjoy Mile of Music, from myself and our staff. We hope you have a rocking good time!