January Menu at Osorio's Latin Fusion

Fusing Food and Community

If you’re a regular on any Fox Valley restaurants or take out social media groups, you’ve likely heard of Osorio’s Latin Fusion. I finally got the chance to check them out recently, and I wasn’t disappointed! Kim and her staff made me feel very welcome and even gave us the best seats in the house.

If you enjoy a good cocktail with your dinner, Osorio’s has a large drink menu with plenty of options. I settled on the Lemon Basil Martini and it was delicious and refreshing! There were also some major style points for the presentation of the drink, garnished with a sprig of basil and lemon, and a singular large square ice cube. 

I choose avocado fries as an appetizer. They were breaded in a red pepper forward panko-style breading and served with a spicy ranch. I’m a bit of a ranch snob so appreciated how good the spicy ranch was and how it really tied the dish together. 

I was also served some chips and salsa. The chips were seasoned, which was a nice departure from the normal plain tortilla chips. The salsa was more tomato-based so it’s definitely appealing to people who aren’t big fans of spice.

Finally, the stars of the show: the entrees. I ordered the Chicken Mole and the Chilean Sea Bass. The mole on the chicken was very well executed. The flavor profile was very well filled out and there was neither too much chocolate or spice. It was a very good mix of both and it was very enjoyable. The chicken itself was also very well done, moist and juicy and stuffed with some delicious poblano rice. The Chilean Sea Bass was hands down my favorite part of the entire meal. The sauce was delicious and rich and complemented the sea bass so well. The fish was buttery and perfectly flaky. The sides also held their own, I was a big fan of the poblano rice. It had a nice flavor and a nice texture.

Overall, my first experience at Osario’s was a pleasant one! The staff was friendly and accommodating and made sure everything was flowing as it should. The drinks and entrees did not disappoint. If you get the chance, definitely check out Osorio’s Latin Fusion!

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