I want to thank all of our readers for taking the time to fill out our survey. If you haven’t yet you can do so here. Based on your feedback we will be making some changes and working on different content. Based on the surveys we have recieved here is what we have to share on where our content is headed.

Negative Reviews

A year ago when I started this blog, I started it as something postitive. I wanted to help the restaurants I loved make it through the pandemic. Our blog, in the last year has faced many up’s and downs, including bad experiances with take-out and in person. I can recall one situation where one of my bloggers got ill after eating at a restaurant. Instead of writing a scathing review, calling into question the restaurant’s sanitation and food quality, I chose to address the restaurant privately and explain to them how in good concious I would not able to feature them. It is not our place to rip a part another buisness. If you are looking for that you may want to check out Gordan Ramsey’s Tik-Tok, he does it better than anyone else I have seen.

Why are you featuring the same restaurants?

We actually have never featured a restaurant more than once on our blog. We have had Caribbean Taste’s truck mentioned twice now. Caribeean Taste tends to visit a lot of our favorite bars and honestly plantains and beer are an awesome combination.

We are currently working on new content as well as bringing on new staff to offer more of a variety. Stay tuned!

Healthy Options

We are currently working on guides and bringing on new staff to help us share new recipes working with local ingredients as well as places for our health concious readers would prefer to visit. As much as our staff loves a greasy burger we understand wanting healthier options.

More Food Photos

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More Frequent Posting

We will soon have multiple blog postings a week. We have some wonderful new staff coming on with very different content heading your way. In different formats as well. We will be going ahead with our Podcast as well as two new video series. Something we have wanted to do since this blog started.


See things not mentioned? Comment below and let us know your feedback!