As a baker myself, I make a point to try all the local bakeries. I heard from several people that a new bakery was opening in Kaukauna, and as soon as they posted their menu, I couldn’t wait to try it. Right in the heart of downtown Kaukauna, Sticky Fingers opened in mid-summer 2021. Not only do they offer a plethora of delicious desserts and pastries, they also have a tempting menu of brunch and lunch options. As soon as I showed her the menu, my mom was equally psyched to visit Sticky Fingers, so we set a date.

I had intended to order Sticky Fingers’ Steak & Cheese sandwich for my entrée, but their Breakfast Pizza of the day sounded too good to pass up. The cashier, who was very helpful in answering all our questions, told us the pizza featured spinach, asparagus, prosciutto, eggs, and cheese.

Luckily for me, my mom agreed to split the pizza and the steak sandwich so we could try both. The pizza was phenomenal and very rich and filling. The Steak & Cheese was also amazing, the caramelized onions were an especially delicious part of the sandwich, adding a little sweetness. The sandwich was a little messy, and we did indeed get “sticky fingers” eating it.

For dessert, I got the cinnamon roll cheesecake, which is a flavor I had never seen offered anywhere before. This one was a great introduction to the concept! I loved the differentiation in texture from the cinnamon roll pastry being mixed in with the cheesecake, and the frosting was a great addition. It inspired me to try my hand at making my own cinnamon roll cheese.

My mom had the caramel apple cheesecake bar, a dessert I have made many times. Sticky Finger’s bar was very tasty, differing from mine in that it uses very thinly sliced apples instead of diced. Given how time-consuming a recipe it is, it’s good to know I can satisfy a craving for a caramel apple cheesecake bar anytime at Sticky Fingers.

With so many tempting menu items, I can’t wait to experience Sticky Finger’s again! They’ll be participating in the Fox Cities Restaurant Week September 29 through October 10 with breakfast and lunch options, and I highly recommend checking them out.


Monday-Friday: 6:30am-2:30pm

Saturday: 7:00am-2:30pm

Sunday: Closed

Phone Number: (920) 949-4156


145 E 2nd Street
Kaukauna, WI 54130